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They are FLYING now,

 Jeannette remarked on the sudden change in the show's pace. I detected it too.

Maybe they finally noticed.

I think they just started LISTENING.


Jeannette's observation was astute.

It was a problem every production at the Festival fell victim to at one point or another.

WHENEVER YOU'RE READY: Nora Polley on Life as Stratford Festival Stage Manager

Shawn DeSouza-Coelho

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Monologue and dialogue coaching

Audition Prep

Cold Reading

Monologue Selection

In-depth classical text study

Scene Study (2 people)



With Leslie Arden, Faust workshop.jpg

30 min brush-up     $20.00 + 13% HST  =    $   22.60

60 min                    $40.00 + 13% HST  =    $   45.20

90 min                    $50.00 + 13% HST  =    $   56.50

120 min                  $75.00 + 13% HST  =    $   84.75



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Have a testimonial to share?

Let me know!

I had the pleasure of being taught by Jeannette at George Brown Theatre school in 2007. During my years at theatre school I was able to pick up certain techniques and skills in order to achieve my full potential as an actor. Jeannette was an enormous part of my growth. She creates an environment for students that allows them to take risk, and be vulnerable, but also pushing them to strive for the potential she sees in them. For me, I struggled with understanding and truthfully portraying classical text. I thought it was beyond me. Through her methods of teaching and the wonderful person she is, she broke down walls for me that I never knew existed. Jeannette taught me how to actually listen to another actor. The first time I was overwhelmed by emotion in a scene was being directed by Jeannette. It was unlike anything I had felt before. Because of her, I now know what it is to dig deep and scrape and squeeze a scene and a character for everything they’re worth. I owe a lot of my success to Jeannette. She has always been such a positive, supportive presence in my life, and I am happy now, outside of school, to call her my friend. She is one of the most influential teachers I have ever had.

Ryan Bondy, actor

Toronto, ON

Jeannette is a true leader and visionary director whose passion, patience, and positivity in the rehearsal hall make her a dream to collaborate with. She has inspired me, challenged me, stoked my curiosity, and profoundly deepened my love of the craft. Jeannette is one of the greats...a Canadian treasure.

Graham Conway, actor

Toronto, ON

Jeannette Lambermont-Morey is a teacher of the most exceptional kind: sensitive, creative, playful, inspiring, and tremendously knowledgeable. She is the complete package because she is extremely intellectually-gifted and well-read (which is not common among theatre practitioners who teach) but she is also down-to-earth, approachable, sensitive, and makes learning fun and practical for students who aren't as intellectually-driven. I always appreciated how organized she is - coming in with a variety of ways to make use of class or rehearsal time and yet she was still flexible and very willing to work in whatever way her students required. She is also amazingly positive - always full of energy and infectiously cheerful. I always looked forward to working with Jeannette because she always offered new exercises and fresh ideas that inspired me. I was a student of hers years ago and she continues to support me in my ongoing learning. I could not possibly ask for anything more from a teacher!

Lesley Robertson, actor

Toronto, ON

From the first instant working with Jeannette I was flapping like a sail in her powerful wind. She is a force of nature. 

I first met Jeannette in theatre school when she organized, facilitated and directed our 2nd year period study at George Brown. It is, by far the most arduous undertaking that program has to offer. It tests your mettle, resolve, tenacity and endurance. Without the proper leader at the helm there is little to draw on from the experience but having hung on for dear life. However, with the proper guidance you are inspired to push harder and harder, to be better. Jeannette did that, not only for me, but for our entire class. Her indomitable spirit and passion for the text, context and the time period itself was infectious.Her research was so professional and thorough that it spurned me to be more organized and tactful in my homework. She is a real actors director, she trusts that the pages will fall away when they will, that the ideas will come by having the proper amount of incubation time with the text. I learned so much from working with her and watching her work. 

The next year we worked on what is to this day the most epic production in my career so far: the Canadian premiere of War and Peace, it was a life altering experience. Jeannette made the impossible possible sweeping the audience from scene to scene, really telling that massive story. All with theatre school students, some that have stuck around, some that have gone on the do other things. But for the time that show was put 

on she turned us all into seasoned theatre veterans: we were unflappable in the face of a over 5 hour play. A play that people I run into will bring up. When I ask if they stayed for the entire show, or if they left after the second intermission most say that they didn't only stay but they loved that show. That was because of her leadership. 

I can't wait for the opportunity to work with her again.

Tim Walker, actor

Toronto, ON

As a graduate of George Brown Theatre School I have been working consistently and at a professional level these six years since my graduation. I credit this to the training, knowledge and skills I received from my instructors during my years with the school. Jeannette Lambermont-Morey was monumental in helping me gain not only the knowledge necessary to understand and dissect some of our most dense classical texts but also the confidence needed to bring these three dimensional characters to life. Thanks to her vast experience and seamless directing she lifted my acting and understanding of the language to new heights throughout our examination of the Edwardian time period during my second year with the school. To this day, my confidence when dealing with classical texts is a direct result to having worked with Jeannette.

Adam Cunningham, actor

Toronto, ON

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